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First, before you print from a library computer, make sure you have money loaded onto your Osprey 1Card. If you do not, add money by either using cash, credit, or debit at add-value machines on the 1st and 2nd floors, or add money online by using a debit or credit card. 

When you're ready to print, follow these steps:

  • Send your print job from your computer by either clicking the print icon on your browser/application, or go to File > Print. The default printer should say "Library". If you want to print in color, click the drop-down menu and select "Library Color".
  • Go to one of the library printers. You can find a map of where they are located on the 1st floor on the East side of the elevators, on both sides of the elevators on the 2nd floor, and on the 3rd floor near the glass microformat room in the East wing. 
  • Find your N# on the printer screen. If you are having trouble finding your number, use the arrow at the top of the column to sort it numerically.
  • When you find your N# and corresponding print job, click the print button or double click your job.
  • Swipe your Osprey 1Card. Make sure you follow the printed guide for how to swipe your card.
  • Click OK to confirm charges. The screen will tell you what amount you are being charged, and your job should begin printing shortly.

If you need help printing from a library computer, please visit the nearest service desk and ask for assistance.

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