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If it's Word that's frozen and not responding, there isn't really a way to save it. You can try screen shotting to keep the image and retype it but you'll need to force quit on Word and will probably lose any unsaved portion of the document.

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  1. I'm still using Office 2011 for Word even though I have 2016 because I can't get 2016 to work with Zotero. My document just froze, and I did a force quit, then just reopened Word and the document popped right up, saved as Document 2 (recovered). If it doesn't appear, there is another recovery process, and chances are you can get at least part of your document back. Here it is: From the Finder menu, select Go. Hold down the option key so that the option Library opens. From there, go to Application Support>Microsoft>Office>Autorecovery and look around for your document. It likely will be named something like AutoRecovery Save of Document 1. If you can't open it, drag it to your desktop and change the ending to .doc. I recovered an entire vanished research paper this way.
    by Polly on May 27, 2016.

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