Answered By: Stephanie Race
Last Updated: Nov 28, 2018     Views: 18766

If you opened a Word/Excel (or other attachment) while using Internet Explorer and went straight into editing the document, you are editing a document that is stored in your "Temporary Internet Files" location, which is a location deep (and often hidden) inside your Windows profile. Many times these files are given very strange, somewhat obfuscated names, and are lost due to clearing the browser's history and/or cache. The files in this folder are not designed to be intentionally saved, but are instead cached copies of web pages, images, etc. that make browsing the web much faster.

Also, many times users, in trying to find the lost document, re-opened the document from your browser's email window (i.e. in Ospreys Email), but in doing so they run the risk of inadvertently overwritten the previous version of the file just edited.

We recommend that prior to editing your attached document that you save the attachment to your USB thumb drive, to Microsoft OneDrive, or at least to the computer's Desktop and then open the file for editing.

BE CAREFUL THOUGH!  If you do save your attachment to the desktop make sure you make a backup of the file to a USB thumb drive or to        OneDrive, otherwise you will lose the document after you log out of the computer.

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